• Garage door installation may be a moderately difficult task, but a determined homeowner with some salty mechanical skills will be able to pull it off.
  • If you use your garage door a lot – meaning not only when you take out and put in the car; you will periodically run into small hitches which will need to be ironed out.
  • While some of the most common problems can be sorted out by the home owner himself.
  • Repairing a garage door is not a very expensive process unless there are spare parts which need to be changed, and when something goes wrong, it is always better to get it done immediately, so that your safety is not compromised.
  • All installation kits available today include complete manufacturer’s instructions on how to install a garage door safely, and correctly. The most common garage door problem is binding or twisting.
  • Apparent when rollers and tracks show signs of wear, through time; and the door shudders and binds when opening and closing. This is a direct result of improper or incomplete installation.
  • The basic procedure to install a garage door begins with attaching the seal to the bottom of the first panel. And then set the first panel levelly in the opening. Once in place, partially drive a couple of nails in each side of the jamb to keep the panel wedged in place.


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